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03 September 2010 @ 11:58 pm
The Trois Legacy 2.2  

Previously: Tripp and Scarlet got married and had their firstborn, Alejandro. Menaja started dating an old rich guy.

With a full house Menaja realizes it's time to move. She has a rich boyfriend after all.

Too bad it does not last.

Another random sim death.

Except apparently it was one of Scarlet's many ex boyfriends.

Tripp: Yay I got some nookie.

Tripp: But why did she call me Harold?

Scarlet: Can you say mommy? Mooooommy?

Alejandro: What the heck is she talking about?

Tripp has settled in nicely in daddy mode.

Melvin and Aggie decide to spend a nice quiet day at the library.
Melvin: Sorry, I have to hang up the librarian is giving me the evil eye.

Menaja decides to join them.
Menaja: Ugh what is he doing here?

Menaja: Tai is in the way of my life!

Agatha: Melvin! Do something!
Menaja: Dad?! What should we do?!
Melvin: Why are you looking at me?!

This is the grin face of an expectant father. Nookie time was successful.

The excitement was such that Tripp broke.

Agatha: Is that an imaginary baby you are holding?
Tripp: I will always carry my children in spirit.

Outside Melvin is enjoying his grandchild.

Melvin: Hmmm I came to fix the washer.

Tripp: No fair that I have them and he gets to enjoy them.

More broken Tripp.

Bay timez! How exciting.

It's a girl. Mandy.
Tripp: I'm holding her too you know.

Agatha genes strike again. She's very cute.

Agatha: I have excellent looking grandchildren.

Melvin can't go too long before tempting fate.

Scarlet: Mr. Trois you need to stop this. Specially in front of your wife.
Agatha: Death glare

Melvin: Sad face

Agatha: Melvin? Why do you keep flirting with your daughter-in-law?

Agatha: Are my boobs not enough?

Melvin: I'm sorry, my love. You know your boobs can never compare to Scarlet's perky ones.

Made up.

Melvin: Ehhh I went to library and got this book to read to my grandson, but you seem to be holding him...

Melvin: I mean all the way to the library. It's pretty far. *hint hint*

Melvin: And then the dragon went wooosh.

Agatha: One day I will put you in a fire.

Scarlet: What did you say?!

Agatha: Nothing. Nothing at all.

A day we thought would never come!

Trixie wastes no time in moving out.

To the house next door.

That means more space to add to this brood.

Bella's birthday was also around the corner.
Bella: Mom, it's my birthday if you remember.
Agatha: I thought something was off.

Bella: That's better.

Menaja: Why are you wearing my shirt? Are you trying to copy my awesome gold digger fashion style?

Bella turned into quite the beauty as her name says.

And wastes no time getting reacquainted with Neva.

And then moves to the house next to Trixie.

First child of the third generation!

Alejandro: I want to chase bad guys grandpa.

Finally some cousins!

What was Scarlet doing when we get these awesome news? Flirting with twin foreigners while Tripp is at work.

Melvin: And the princess saved the day!

I forgot you were pregnant again.

Yay twins! Don't worry Tripp. They are yours.

Yay! Purple hair! About damn time. Welcome Jessie and Jack.

Three toddlers can be a hassle.

Perfect timing. Trois women time.

I can't get over how pretty she is.

Too bad she got snob as her new trait.

Tripp: Good boy, Jessie. You can do this <3

Tripp: I finally have children that look like me!

Now for your regular dose of funny pics provided by simpairment XD

Later ♥
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Myka: Sims 3 - Gen 7 - Lukas Cookies!mykaa on September 11th, 2010 07:20 am (UTC)
I replied!

Melvin's baby times are long overdue XD

Purple rules the world XD