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08 August 2010 @ 02:34 am
The Trois Legacy 2.1  

Hi, everyone! I will be posting generation 2 of Trois. Hopefully I'll do as good a job as ohsims did :)

Previously: The Trois children grew up. Menaja continued getting involved on her siblings relationships and Tripp got engaged and won heir poll.

Menaja: Ugh my parents are so disgusting. They've been living together for so long they don't even bother to shower anymore.

Tripp: Scarlet! Since we are engaged and all don't you think we should start living together? We can only live together if we're married? Not a problem.

Tripp: Shotgun wedding here I come.
Menaja: You better not be doing what I think you are doing.

Agatha: Hold on a minute! You are not getting married on the front porch are you?

Tripp: We don't have any money so yeah we are.

Agatha: I will not allow my firstborn to get married in the front porch. I'll pay for it.

Tripp: Sweet. Let me make the arrangements. I'll send you the bill.

*crickets chirp*
Tripp: Maybe I wasn't clear on the getting married today bit.

Melvin: Our son is getting married today! This is so exciting!
Agatha: That's because you haven't seen the bill yet.

Tripp: All right! Everyone spotted the decoy picnic basket. Let's get married while they are distracted.

What? Menaja celebrating her brothers wedding. That can't be right.

That's better.

Sxxy started dancing with Bella during the reception and it looked quite wrong.

True to her nature, Menaja started looking to fulfill her LTW.
Old Rich Guy: I worked so much to make money I never got married.
Menaja: Bingo.

Meanwhile Tripp and Scarlet are celebrating being newlyweds in their room in Melvin and Agatha's house.

Living in style.

Menaja: I will put this dirty laundry here as a morning surprise.

Tripp: I could have sworn I just sensed something mean around.

Scarlet experiences the joys of motherhood.
Scarlet: Blergh!

Melvin is tired of ghost hunting so he decides to retire.

Tripp: Congratulations, dad!

Menaja: An excuse to pull out my yeti sign.

Menaja: Hey! I said I have a sign here!
Melvin: Retirement means I'm getting old. Woe is me so close to death.

Menaja: Maybe this sign will accidentaly collide with Scarlet's head.
Tripp: I'm on to you, sister.

Tripp: I will keep close vigilance.

Being a copycat Agatha also decides to retire.

The hazards of flirty sims.
Scarlet: So Mr.Trois you look pretty sexy in those clothes.
Melvin: OMG I just had a mental picture.
Agatha: Grandma needs to smack a bitch.

Melvin: On second thought...

Menaja: I knew she would do this sooner or later.

Scarlet: Hello, sexy.
Tripp: How can I trust my wife if she flirts with my father?

Scarlet: Yay married!

Tripp: She still loves me. Yay.

Menaja: I should call my old rich boyfriend.
Melvin: Sweetie, I was watching that.

Old Rich Guy: I'm so glad you called me.

Old Rich Guy: Wait a second! You wouldn't be after me just because I'm rich right?

Menaja: OMG how could you say something so mean?! I'm not that superficial!

Old Rich Guy: I'm sorry, babe. Now come here.
Menaja: Sucker.

One day Menaje bumps into Dani.
Dani: You are not still trying to get back at me right?

Menaja: These days I'm more into getting this old rich guy to propose to me. Then I can inherit his fortune when he dies.

Menaja: Which may be soon. Coffee accidents happen.

Melvin gets called to city hall to receive an award.
Melvin: My family is so supportive.

Tripp: Melvin Trois. I award you for keeping Riverview ghost free!
Mayor: The mayor does not shower! I should report this to a tabloid.

Melvin: I've never felt so fulfilled in my entire life.

Fly away balloons.

Old Rich Guy: Being rich is so awesome.

It's finally time for gen 3 to break in the scene.

It's a boy! Alejandro Trois.

Agatha has recessive genes.

Alejandro: You don't seriously think I'm eating that salad are you?

Melvin: Woe is me. I am a grandparent. Will I struggle to hold my grandchildren as I did with my children?
Menaja: Walk away silently Menaja.

Tripp: The sink freaking broke! Dad, would you mind holding Alejandro while I try to fix this?
Melvin: YES!!!!

Melvin: Who is grandpa's little boy <3

Melvin: I'm never letting you go.

Melvin: Tripp: I give up with that sink. Let the repairman handle it.

Tripp: Could I have my son back?
Melvin: Ummm...no.
Tripp: What?

Now for your regular dose of funny pics provided by simpairment XD

Later ♥
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scorpiosimsscorpiosims on August 9th, 2010 03:29 pm (UTC)
Aww I was hoping Bella (Neva <3) or Menaja (golddigger!)would win.

Anyway, Bless Agatha for paying for a proper wedding and bless Trip for trying to distact them with a picnic basket. xD

LOLOLOL at Scarlet's "Hello Sexy" face xD Baby Ale is cute, and I'm so glad Melvin finally got to hold a baby even if he doesn't want to let go x)