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18 July 2010 @ 04:31 pm
The Trois Legacy: 1.3  

Previously: Both Agatha and Melvin began working their way up their career path since the kids were growing up. A sibling rivalry began between Tripp and Menaja. Tripp began dating Scarlet and Menaja began to meddle in his affairs.

Tripp decides to take initiative with Scarlet and he calls her up to see if she is busy.

Tripp: "Scarlet? It's me Tripp. You busy today?"
Scarlet: "Oh not at all, I have all the time in the world for you."

Tripp: "Meet me at our special place? I'm going to try to sneak out so my sister doesn't find us."
Scarlet: "Great! Meet you there!"

They were a couple of few words. Emotions are best expressed through action in their opinion.

Tripp's neurotic side finally began to show.

Tripp: "These faucets do not seem safe. If they have even a slow leak, the water bill could be astronomically high! Oh the horror!"

Back home, Menaja was plotting. Tripp wasn't there and she knew someone knew where he was. He was probably with that tramp.

Melvin: "I just want to look after my own child. Is that so much to ask?"
Menaja: "I will trade you for information. Where is Tripp?"

Menaja: "I will stay here until you pass out from exhaustion and you will miss work and be fired and then Mom will be so enraged she will kill you in your sleep."
Melvin: "I just.. want to hold her."

She realized her Dad was no source for information, so she moved to better sources.

Agatha had the other baby being kept from Melvin too. These women had it out for him.

Menaja: "Hey Mom, I was wondering if you knew where Tripp was? I wanted to apologize to him for saying those things about his girlfriend."
Agatha: "Oh honey, that is wonderful! I heard him say that he was going to his 'special place' I do believe."
Menaja: "Perfect! I know just the place. My information network is never wrong about these things."

Menaja: "Dani? It's me, Menaja. How bout we go on a little date? What do ya say?"
Dani: "Okay, I'll meet you there."

Menaja: "Drat! I took too long in finding out his location. I don't see him anywhere."

Menaja: "Hi Danny. Oh hello good looking new fellow! Sorry Dani, something came up!"
Dani: "I know you aren't doing what I think you are."

Dani: "Yep, she is doing what I thought she was. Well great!"

She followed him and proceeded to attempt to get his attention.

Menaja: "I haven't seen you around before. My name is Menaja Trois. Currently I am single regardless of what Dani, the guy with the eyebrows, wants you to think. I am looking to change that though."

Tai (mykaa) proceeds to choke on his food in shock. He has never been so hotly pursued before.

Tai: (She's right behind me. Her very scary boyfriend is heading this way. I know he can snap me in half. Quickly, act like you didn't hear her...)

Tai: "Excuse me, I need to use the toilet."
Menaja: Why! I can show you the way! It's just right over here..."

Menaja: "You have such a good body! I bet you exercise all the time. I am pretty into that."
Tai: "Listen, I don't know who you are, but I have to go."

Menaja: "You really have to go? You sure you can't stay with me?"
Tai: "If you want me cut up and my body disposed of in a vehicle by that young man with eyebrows over there, then sure, I will stay."
Dani: (What in the world? I'm not that violent... It's not my fault I was born with this face...)

Back home, Tripp was continuing his date.

Melvin: "Hey, what happened to your date? Why are you both here at home?"
Tripp: "Dani called and told me that Menaja was on her way to make my date a living hell, so we snuck away before she made it there. I really owe him one."

Scarlet: "Look at what the cat dragged in."
Menaja: "I thought I told my beloved brother that this loose woman was not good for him."

Scarlet: "What was that?! You wanna say that again bitch?"
Menaja: "That you are a loose woman with absolutely no morals whatsoever? Yes, I will say it again. I will even tattoo it on your face."
Tripp: "Oh this can't end well."

Scarlet: "What the hell did I ever do to you? I have changed! I love your brother, why can't you get it through your head?!"
Menaja: "I can never forgive anyone who has an easier time with men that I do! And more importantly, I know you don't love my brother! No one could love him! I mean, just look at him!"
Tripp: "Oh come on sis... Knock a man while he's down."

Scarlet: "I am getting tired of all this crap Menaja. If you are just jealous, you just need to get over it girl."
Menaja: "Ha! Nothing to be jealous of when it comes to you. What? Your well used body? Don't make me laugh!"

Things weren't looking good. Melvin had been in the kitchen and he had never felt more awkward in his entire life.

Melvin: (What is a man to do? His daughter versus his son's girlfriend? I think I am just going to go .. check the laundry)

Scarlet: "Sheesh! Quit following me! If you are this bad when we are dating, I hate to think what you do when I marry your brother!"
Menaja: "OH DON'T EVEN."
Tripp: "Hehe! She said she was going to marry me!"

Melvin heard marriage, so he just had to step in.

Melvin: "You know I love you with all my heart, right?"
Menaja: "Yes?"
Melvin: "Good, well then, then I can tell you that I think you are stepping over the line here. Let Tripp do what he wants with his life, okay?"
Menaja: "....Okay."
Scarlet: "Well, I am going to watch a movie on TV with Tripp now ...."

Menaja: "OH I JUST LOVE THIS PROGRAM! Oh darn! Our couch only seats two, that sure sucks Scarlet!"
Scarlet: "... I am just going home. I'll see you sometime when the bitch isn't around Tripp."
Tripp: "I'll walk you home. Sorry about her crazy."

Menaja: *whispers* "I will make your life a living hell. Dad may think we're good, but I will not rest until that woman is out of your life, you hear me?"
Tripp: *whispers* "I'm not sure how to politely say this, but GO TAKE A LONG WALK OFF A SHORT PIER."
Menaja: "Of all the nerve!"

Agatha wanted to begin her painting again. She found something that Tripp had been working on. Apparently his inner angst was happier?

Menaja was still infuriated with Tripp, but it was time for Trixie's birthday so she played nice.

These two cheer in unison. Truly, father and son.

There was now just one baby in the family, and Tripp was now in on the keeping the baby from Melvin game. It's fun for the whole family, well, unless you are Melvin.

But finally, after Agatha went to work and all the kids were in school, Melvin finally got his chance to hold his child for the first time.

Melvin: "I've been waiting my entire life for this."

It wasn't a moment to soon either, because time was going by quickly, and it was time for the youngest Trois to make her way into childhood.

That is Trixie by the way. Some of my screen shots disappeared. Or I only took them in my head, either or.

It is a sea of purple in this household, and then the oddballs Agatha and Trixie.

Bella: "This means I have to share a room now, ugh!"

Menaja had given up on Tai. They were slowly becoming friends, but Dani was more than willing to take that extra step.

Dani: "I love how you wear your formal dress all the time kitten. It really gets me excited."
Menaja: "Dani you dirty boy!"

It was love lust.

In the meantime, Melvin made it to level 8 ghost hunter, and Agatha was trying to get caught up with her stylist career. Basically, nothing worth too many pictures. So let's fast forward to another birthday!

Or at least the aftermath of a birthday. Teen Trixie managed to be the only child to not have most of the family around. She loved every minute of it though.

Trixie: "Mmm, silence and cake. Amazing."

She's the insane loner of the bunch. I predict a bunch of cats in her future.

Tripp managed to pull a few strings with Dani and his new friend Tai to keep Menaja occupied so he could watch a movie with Scarlet.

Tripp: "How about we make you and me official?"
Scarlet: "Oh I like that, but what will your sister say?"
Tripp: "She can say whatever she wants. She needs to get over this complex."

At that very moment..

Menaja: "Tai? I think something awful just happened. What? No, I just have a feeling, that's all. The air feels very ominous. You should come over."

Bella was freaking out on her own. She does this a lot, no need to be alarmed.

Tai came over and was greeted by Trixie. I should note that there is no swimming pool and Trixie does not have the never nude trait.

Trixie: "...Hi."
Tai: "Uhm, hi. We're in the same class, aren't we?"
Trixie: "...I guess."
Tai: "Anti-social, much?"

Tai: "Hey Menaja, can you believe your sister answered the door wearing her swimsuit? I knew she was always a little crazy, but that crazy? Hah ha!"
Menaja: "I know you didn't say anything about my baby sister. As soon as I get around these stairs, I will give you a piece of my fist."

They were interrupted by a commotion outside. There was a fight, but who could it be?

Well, that sure is Dani and it certainly looks as if his hands are choking the life out of Bella.

Dani: "I can barely believe that I, Dani, am standing here looking triumphant that I just beat the crap out of a elementary school kid."

Bella was not pleased. Who invited Dani over anyways? Melvin also picked a bad time to come home.

Melvin: "Son, I know I just didn't see what I think I saw."

Menaja: "Dani that was the sexiest thing I've ever seen! Take me now!"
Melvin: "I, um, .....AWKWARD~~"

Menaja: "I've really been thinking about us for a long time, like, the last 2 minutes after you won against my sister, so wanna go out?"
Dani: "Tai didn't want anything to do with you and you are settling for ol' Dani, right?"
Menaja: "You said it not me, but yeah, pretty much."

Trixie: "You know I'm not really crazy. I just hate people and pretend to be insane to keep them away from me. Really, it works amazing. Show up to the supermarket in a formal dress one time and you get branded the town loon."
Tai: "After talking to you, I'm really surprised. I actually did think that you were just out of your mind!"
Trixie: "I know, right!"

Trixie: "I think you'd make a good first kiss and maybe even partner. How about it?"
Tai: "Not so fast, I just learned you weren't crazy. I'm not ready for this kind of commitment."

Menaja went upstairs to find Dani relaxing on her parents bed.

Menaja: "Dani... What are you doing?"
Dani: "Oh, just taking a break. In bed. Wishing you were here. In bed. Dreams come true!"
Menaja: "That was disgusting. I think you should leave now, k?"

It was time for Tripp's birthday into young adulthood, so a party was in order! A few people were invited, and world famous legacy crasher Henry Deens (simpairment) showed up in his best disguise.

Melvin: (Gotta get this TV fixed before Agatha finds out I didn't do it already...)

Girl: "Is that Mr. Trois in his underwear?"
Scarlet: "Yeah, you get used to it though."

Somehow Trixie got herself fried. Best friends Tai and Dani showed up. Neva was around somewhere too. Henry assumed the legacy birthday pose.

Tripp: "Manly shirt, check! I'm all ready for manhood!"

Trixie met Dani and Neva's roomate Sxxy McLovins (simpairment). Dani was not pleased.

Trixie: "....Hi."
Sxxy: "....Hi."
Dani: "Stay away from her Sxxy, her crazy will wear off on you!"

Trixie: "OH CRAP. There are strange men in my house and I'm only wearing my bra and panties. What is a girl to do? Oh my goodness, I am sorry, but I will have to kill you now or else I can't get married."
Sxxy: "Noooo, this is the closest to 3D boobies I have ever been in my life. Please don't take my only joy from me~~~"

It was actually a dual birthday. Aggie was finally ready to see herself as an elder!

Agatha: "I will be beautiful, I assure you!"

Indeed, she was a very stylish old lady.

Trixie decided to let Sxxy live, if you didn't notice. It wasn't worth wasting her time on. He was the type that liked virtual ladies better than ones in the flesh.

Trixie snuck out one night to be with Tai. They had a secret relationship. Neither of them wanted Menaja to know because she is truly a terrifying force to be reckoned with.

The next morning Tripp invited Scarlet out on a date with big plans in mind. His mother had been hounding him about a very specific topic, and he was ready to get on with his life.

Scarlet: "He's so cute when he fakes passing out. It makes me love him even more!"

The proposal came as a shock to her, but she was more than willing to accept!

Scarlet: "Now we can be together forever! You are the only man I want in my life."
Tripp: "I can't imagine life without you. Even if we have to skip town, or the entire country to get away from Menaja, lets be together forever?"

Tripp: "YEAAAAAAAAAAH, These are all mine forever and ever! Oh I love them so much. They are so soft and oh heaven!"
Scarlet: "Tripp.. We are in public here. How about we take this elsewhere, but after I finish work!"

Tripp arrived home to find, to his amazement, his parents cuddling on the couch.

Tripp: (My parents are on the couch cuddling and looking in love, Oh this can't be happening. It's a bad dream. My parents would never!)

Tripp: (AHHHH. KI-KI-KISS?! My parents NEVER! No one will believe this. Do I have a fever? I must have a fever...)

The happy scene quickly turned into a less happy scene when Dani took it upon himself to start flirting with Trixie with Menaja in the room-- Trixie who had a boyfriend.

Dani: "I can't believe I said all those things about you, your crazy is kind of hot."

Dani made enemies of the entire Trois household in one single moment.

First Menaja decided to deal with her sister.

Menaja: "What is your problem! You have a man, a great man! Why can't you let me keep mine all to myself?"
Trixie: "I'm not sure if you saw that, but what part of HIM coming on to ME didn't you catch? Sorry you landed yourself a womanizer, but he's the one you settled for!"

Her attention was then turned to Dani.

Menaja: "And you! I forgive you, how about a kiss?"
Dani: "Uh, how about no. I don't really like you, you know... I think we should take a little break..."

Menaja: "You want a break?! Okay! Well, it's OVER. You can enjoy your permanent break now don't let the door hit your ass on the way out!"
Dani: "Whuut--? No, I didn't mean it that way. Hear me out baby--"

Menaja: "OVER."
Dani: "But I love yo--"
Menaja: "OVER."
Dani: "Whatever."

Menaja: "I'd get out before I get crazy. When I get crazy, my two sisters get crazy, and that is when you die."
Dani: "I wouldn't dream of staying here a moment longer."
Agatha: "Menaja dear, it's time for your sisters birthday in a few hours. That young man isn't invited by the way."

After naps, it was time for the baby of the bunch to become a Teen.

Melvin: "My last little girl is about to be so big." *sniff*
Bella: "Dad, you are being gross!"

Unflirty, insane, loser ... artistic. Her looks are deceiving of her personality. Any man is in for a surprise.

The loss of a boyfriend was getting to Menaja. She was the only sibling who didn't have someone she was close to anymore. Even baby Bella had a good friend from school.

Menaja: "Where are you going?"
Bella: "Out."
Menaja: "Out where? A boys house?!"
Bella: "Maybe."
Menaja: "I'm coming too, I don't trust you."
Bella: "You won't be pleased, but whatever."

Menaja: "...This is Dani's house, isn't it?"
Bella: "Well if you had used your brain, you knew where my friend lived, didn't you?"
Menaja: "Oh shut up already."

No one was home, but the two let themselves inside. They had some investigating to do!

Menaja: "This is where Dani sleeps. See if you see any incriminating evidence."
Bella: "I'm only doing this because I hate that jerk. He needs a comeuppance."
Menaja: "Now that is what I'm talking about!"

They heard someone come in the front door.

Menaja: "Crap! Someone is home! Hide any evidence that you were here. I'm ... going to take one for the team."

She knew all men lived in the house, so she changed into her swimwear in hopes that no man in his testosterone filled mind would call the cops on a gorgeous woman in their kitchen half nude.

Menaja: (Oh great, why did it have to be Sxxy. Why is that his name anyways? His parents predestined him to be grotesque.)
Sxxy: "Oh what do I see in my kitchen? Perchance has my computer spit out one of my lovely 2D ladies for my enjoyment? That would make this the best day ever."
Menaja: (He touches me, he dies. No question.)

Bella snuck out around the distracted Sxxy McLovins. He had eyes only for her sister. Who knew she would come in handy by being a pest, but then again, she would have just waited outside normally."

Neva: "Bella? Wow, you've grown! We could date now, haha!"
Bella: "Yes, that is the plan!"
Neva: "What? Oh, wow!"

Tai got home and decided to save Menaja from Sxxy. He was a creeper after all and she was his girlfriends sister.

Tai: "Sxxy, go back to your cave. I put a new case of Dr Pepper in there so you are all set for another night of WoW."
Sxxy: "Sorry, raiding calls. Raids are more important that women. Bros before hoes, you know. Bye!"

Bella: "I've had a crush on you since I was a little girl, you know."

Things were moving right along for the pair.

Menaja: "Thank you so much Tai!" *whispers* "By the way, I apologize for this but Dani is right behind you and I have to seize any chance to get under his skin"
Tai: "What was that? I couldn't hear you.."

Yeah, she did that.

Tai: "Why did you do that Menaja! You know I'm dating Trixie. She's your sister, how could you?!"

But Menaja had other things on her mind.

Dani: "Oh get over yourself. Who let you in anyways?"

Menaja: "I wonder if your housemates know about your large collection of CROCHET MAGAZINES?!"
Dani: "How did you-- NO GUYS, SHE'S LYING. I DON'T CROCHET."

Menaja had a birthday the next day after all the excitement. She is a very lively girl!

Neva came home with Bella after school to find Menaja in their own garbage for whatever reason.

Menaja: "I know I left it in here somewhere. Uh, oh hi Neva. You can go on inside..."
Neva: "Yeah... I think I will..."

It was actually Melvin's birthday, so that is why Neva came home with Bella. Free cake and excitement!

Melvin: "Now I can finally get some grand babies. Yesssss!"

Bella: "Wow Dad, you sure got old fast!"
Melvin: "Thank you dear for stating the obvious."

Menaja: "Men. Who needs them! They only apologize when they've been caught red-handed. These posters need to be burned. What kind of a loser was I?"

Trixie was enjoying the new stereo. She was quite a good dancer.

Trixie was interrupted by Menaja. Menaja had been feeling guilty about using Tai to get to Dani.

Menaja: "Hey, you busy? I have something ... I need to tell you."
Trixie: "Well I was dancing, but you ruined my groove. What?"

Menaja: "It's about Tai..."
Trixie: "You mean about my boyfriend who told me that my hussy of a sister tried to put the moves on him in his own kitchen to try and make her womanizing ex jealous? The same ex who beat on our youngest sister? I was wondering how long it would take for you to tell me. Really, how big of a bitch can you be?"

Menaja: "Oh okay. I understand. Well, I'm sorry, if that means anything to you."
Trixie: "Yeah sure, but if you touch him again, I can't promise what I will do to you."

Tripp and Scarlet were going on a date. Scarlet thought his choice of venue a bit odd..

Scarlet: "Why are we going here again?"
Tripp: "Just come inside! I promise it will be good!"

Tripp was no longer a loser. He had finally become a man. Why he was wearing an Obama shirt when he was getting the woo-hoo on is beyond me because I can assure you that is not a part of his wardrobe.

Tripp: "Oh that was so exciting! I just know a baby is on the way now too!"

Tripp: "Yesssssssss! She made a man out of me. Woot-woot!"


In keeping with tradition, here are some pictures provided by simpairment


Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh, it feels so good to finally be able to pass the legacy over! Worrying about two legacies crashing is far too much stress! I really love the Trois family though. Probably one of my favorite generations of sims ever.

It is time for an heir poll, so please, help us decide who will carry on the Trois name!

>>> HEIR POLL <<<

Rusty (Alan): approverustyrosesims on July 18th, 2010 11:22 pm (UTC)
Heh. Tai looked so happy to dodge a kiss from Trixie. And Menaja is so much fun! I'd have trouble picking an heir, myself.
ohsims: Melvin is displeasedohsims on July 20th, 2010 11:27 pm (UTC)
Haha, he did look happy. Poor Trixie. She gets no love at all.

It's a very hard choice, I will have to agree! =O
Ashley: Sims3 // Legacy foundershotinthedark33 on July 18th, 2010 11:40 pm (UTC)
Hahaha I love the pictures at the end again!

And I kinda love Menaja's crazy... even though I know I should probably just think she's a bitch. She is her mother's daughter
ohsims: Melvin is displeasedohsims on July 20th, 2010 11:28 pm (UTC)
I think they are my favorite part of the posts now. XD

I really like her too, bitch included. She's just that meddlesome sibling we've all heard about!
(Deleted comment)
ohsims: Melvin is displeasedohsims on July 20th, 2010 11:29 pm (UTC)
Thanks! Menaja knows. She keeps tabs on everyone in the family. It's impressive!

I use a program called Faststone Image Viewer. It's a bulk editor. I've also put them on individually in GIMP before.
Her Highness: Benedict || 8Dsimpairment on July 19th, 2010 12:29 am (UTC)
Menaja: "I wonder if your housemates know about your large collection of CROCHET MAGAZINES?!"
Dani: "How did you-- NO GUYS, SHE'S LYING. I DON'T CROCHET."


This was vurry lolz. I like how you made Sxxy just like my ex. XD

I like Menaja and Dani drama. She's such a bitch, and he's a bastard. This means they are meant to be~~~

I lol'd so hard at Tripp becoming a man wearing that Obama shirt. Perhaps that is Scarlet's fetish. XD
Her Highness: Henry || RAAAAAAAAAGEsimpairment on July 19th, 2010 12:54 am (UTC)
Also, cause I forgot to say it before:

ohsims: Melvin is displeasedohsims on July 20th, 2010 11:31 pm (UTC)
Her Highness: Mark || *wince*simpairment on July 21st, 2010 12:03 am (UTC)
ohsims: Melvin is displeasedohsims on July 20th, 2010 11:30 pm (UTC)

Sxxy is your ex. You made him for me. He's bringing Sxxy back. Srs.

This is trufax. Dani and Menaja FOREVA~

I think it is her fetish. I think I am disturbed.
Myka: Sims 3 - Kalos G9 - Seven and Shuimykaa on July 19th, 2010 12:42 am (UTC)
OMG I laughed so hard at Dani XDDD He's like an ass that pretends to be a good guy sometimes.

I love the sea of purple. It's beAutiful XDDD Tripp is so much like his daddy it's like he's a mini clone :D and Menaja is a bitch you love to hate or hate to love XDD

I feel bad for Melvin having a family that won't even let him hold his bb. He's just too nice.

Henry! Official crasher. You should have posted that award XDDD

And Godzilla is still the best picture XDDD
ohsims: Melvin is displeasedohsims on July 20th, 2010 11:33 pm (UTC)
He is totally just an ass. I wanted to choke him so bad. XD

It is a sea of purple. Melvin has really strong genes. I guess it makes up for Agatha wearing the pants. Tripp is a daddy clone totally, and I love me some Menaja. xD She even looks like a bitch. Must be the Aggie genes.

He is. D: But he finally got to hold his child for great justice. It felt so heartwarming!

Henry must be everywhere. Srs. I should have XD I didn't even think about it!

infinitesky07: Sims3-Andrewinfinitesky07 on July 19th, 2010 03:02 am (UTC)
OMG the last pic is the best!!!!! XD

So much teen drama.... I love it! =D
ohsims: Melvin is displeasedohsims on July 20th, 2010 11:34 pm (UTC)
That's my favorite too. XD

Very drama. It was overwhelming!
OH MY LYLE!legendarysims on July 19th, 2010 05:27 pm (UTC)

So can I ask? Why does it look like pustules of some sort are on Tripps clothes after woohoo??? O_o

ohsims: Melvin is displeasedohsims on July 20th, 2010 11:37 pm (UTC)
IT IS. Everyone loves a good soap opera from time to time!

You probably don't want to know. I will leave it to your imagination as I imagine that is much more interesting than what it was. XD

SXXY. He's Sxxy, isn't he?
OH MY LYLE!legendarysims on July 21st, 2010 12:10 am (UTC)
BUT I DO WANT TO KNOW. Because in my mind its absolutely disgusting and for some reason involves aliens. O_o

INDEED. SXXY is too sxxy for his shirt, oh yeah and it hurts.